What is ESSaver

ESSaver is a monitor application that softwarematically monitors the energyusage for computers. The calculation model is patented. Using four energy saving techniques, up to 50% can be saved on energy consumption.

The usage and savings data are daily uploaded by each computer in an organisation, to a central database. A manager can review these usage and savings data via management reports. Using this data, he/she can take action to minimize wastage. New about this concept is the effort to get workers in an organisation to know about energy usage of their computers. Although Microsoft Windows as well as other operating systems long have the possibility to reduce the energyusage of a computer, there has never been a clear connection between the power plan and energy savings. ESSaver does exactly that!

ESSaver targets two markets:

1) Home/private: A free version is supplied to the general public. This version has the energy monitoring and some of the savings techniques, but lacks the management reports.

2) corportat/govenment: Many companies and organisations otherwise have a CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility). The capabilities of ESSaver can well be used for the fullfillment of these goals

Computers are getting more powerfull, but his also means, this processing power consumes more energy.