PagedFileDownloader  saves all pages in a paged list to your computer. Many times a result list of some web page has for example 100 pages. It is a menace to manually go thrue all pages and save each individual page and the documents linked on it.

This way, you can easily download vast quantities of data with one click of a button!
Simplicity is imperative!

* The application is very simple: it downloads all webpages and -if desired- all PDFs, Word documents or other files linked on it, of a paged file. Simply enter the number of the first and last page you want to download, and the tool loops thrue all these pages and saves each page and the linked documents on it to a directory of your choice.

* Specify a download directory and all html and pdf's are saved into it.
* You can throttle the download speed in order to avoid this downloader behaving like a DDOS attact.
* And your done!

Get a license for PagedFileDownloader here