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Monitor energy usage of software processes

Log the energy consumption and CO2 production of every software process running on your IT hardware

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What is ESSaver

ESSaver is a monitor application that softwarematically monitors the energyusage of the software running on your computers. The calculation model is patented.

ESSaver targets two markets:

1) Home/private: A free version is supplied to the general public. This version has a basic energy management report.

2) Corporate and government: Monitor all processes on your computers/virtual machines and cloud. create reports about which software is running on which system and report their energy consumption

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We're really all about support. We are totally aware about the unclarity of software processes running in your organisation and datacenter. That's why we are used to supporting our customers with hands on tips, tricks, and problem solving. There are several ways to reach us, as listed below. And as always, we'd love to hear from you.

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